Blog Progress Report

Getting ready to port this blog server-side.  Been preparing for awhile, yet as you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  My intentions are the best which means it’s turning out to be a pretty bumpy ride.  Fortunately, I’ve got a smart co-pilot working behind the scenes.  Until we navigate the minefield, a brief heads-up:

  • is redirecting to a test site for the new blog theme.  It’s a work in progress.  If you follow one of my links directly there, I appologize for the inconvenience, but obviously you found your way back here for now!
  • I’m trying to do this while preparing for the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference in Minneapolis.  Gonna be a fun time, but I’m also going to be spending more content time on that until we get the new theme up.

So enjoy the show, feel free to comment & enjoy your Spring.

-john shepard

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Blogs vs Twitter II


Had an A-Ha! moment on the Blogs vs. Twitter debate this week, late in the day Thursday catching up on the day’s twitter traffic after a mildly productive afternoon.

I’m thinking of Twitter like a stream and the blogosphere as lakes and oceans.  Fishing moving waters requires different techniques than still waters.  You have different gear, different approaches.  It would never occur to me to try to catch every fish that swims by.  Just the one that happens to be in the pool that i can reach.  just. right. then.

I am also a slow learner.  So I’m going to give an example.  The material is political, but my point is about the social media tools.

  1. First, I noticed a tweet by a Brit I follow re: a muslim cleric spouting off in support of spousal abuse.  Political topic, trying to stay away from that on this blog for now.  A quick retweet @JohnShepard, don’t think much about it.
  2. Over on JohnScout, I had written a post touching on the newly inaugurated president’s time as a Cub Scout in Indonesia.  This islamic nation has the largest number of Scouts in the world. I had referenced @JoshuaGodinez‘s blog  in that post, then saw him tweet about muslim Scouts in Scotland and their special Oath.  Hmm.  Maybe a topic for a follow-up post, so a quick retweet.
  3. Then, I noticed another headline on Geert Wilders.  For a few months I’ve seen the Dutch parliamentarian in the news.  He made a film, Fitna, about the dark side of Islam.  Many people are unhappy;  Thursday there were several tweets about charges filed by Dutch courts.  Again, at face a political topic, but Freedom of Speech and cultural issues—this is getting closer to what I’m willing to tackle at  However, by this time I was late for dinner.  So I did the re-tweet thing.

It’s not about the ends but the means. 

Perhaps the world is a better place for me not taking time to blog this political topic.  Who knows, perhaps we averted a new Crusade.  Either way, the Twitterverse is good for quickly bringing in data and sharing it.  Not alot of processing is going on in 140 words let alone 140 characters.  This blog is about 400 words, more or less.  It takes time to process data into information.

I used twitter like a stream.  Topics come, topics go, here’s the link, read it and see what you think.

The Intersection of Facebook & MySpace

WordPress v. Blogger

Evaluating weblog platforms.

Actually, I was signed into Google Reader and thought the gray bar across the top was WordPress, so there I was on Blogger an hour later…. with another blog, and another other blog (JohnScout), and now another other blog (JohnScout 2.0). Talk about a time sink! With so much clutter across the big wide web, the variety of options can be overwhelming.

  • Basic tools–platforms, widgets, wedgies & wonderbar
  • Presentation–style; does form follow function? go encyclopedic (everything and the kitchen sink) or zen simplicity.
  • Purpose–and of course this last should be first. It’s the “so what?” question. What is my purpose in undertaking this task? By what results will we judge success?? What time is lunch???

The point is, I’m going to run a few tests, drink some coffee, do some real work, and come back and see who does what when.  So far WordPress is in the lead…

ciao chow,

Welcome to a window into my world.

Howdy!  Welcome, greetings, and salutations.


My world is a big wide wonderful place.  It’s full of wonder and amazement at the Good Lord’s creation, from Rocky Mountain trout streams to the 10.000 lakes of Minnesota where the walleye swim.

It’s the Roots we share that make the difference.  The strong foundation of Western Civilization.  The structure and tension of tradition and education.  The beauty of music, thoughtful debate and a job well done.

Economy, policy and culture. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Come on in, I’ll throw another log on the fire and we’ll make our world a better place.

-jc shepard